Installing Android-Apps on WearOS

While WearOS supports the Google Play Store, the list of apps listed in the store is still limited. However, the WearOS platform is just a stripped-down version of Android. Thus, it is possible to run apps designed for Android on the watch. Still, the installation of those apps is not trivial. In this article, I give a step-by-step tutorial how to install an android app on WearOS over ADB.

Note, however, that not all Android apps will work on your WearOS device. The reason is that some software libraries, such as WebViews, are missing from WearOS. A list of supported apps geared towards the Galaxy Watch 4 with download links is in a thread in the XDA-developers forum. I also figured out how to modify some unsupported apps that they can run on WearOS. If you are interested in this, keep an eye on this blog. I will publish an article on this process in the future.

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